Application deadline: 4 Sept 2022 Project dates: 27 Feb - 4 Mar 2023

Newman Allen and Carol Hayes (Assemble Theatre Collective) invite artists to be part of the 7th instance of my site | in space, a site-responsive residency at Xenon in Huset.

What is my site | in space?

my site | in space is a performance residency where 8-10 artists create dynamically in response to a specific site.

Over the course of a few days, the artists discover the site in ways that are meaningful to them. One is excited by the light in a particular corner. Another gets fascinated by a certain room and what it was used for before. A third is curious about the way the sound reverberates around the space.

The artists explore how the space intersects with their creative practice, supported by the curators. This process of discovery takes place over several days. The artists regularly show each other what they’re working on, give and receive feedback and open up for potential collaborations.



Towards the end of the creation process, the curators put it together into a show. This show is a dynamic, spontaneous creation that exists for just one day. The show is played twice and then disappears, never to be seen again.

my site | in space is an invitation to experimental, interdisciplinary, site-specific creation. Dynamic and often surprising, it gives artists a unique canvas upon which to work, and gives audiences a chance to see the creative process in action.

At this time of global turmoil, we invite the artists to explore the space with this provocation in mind:

<aside> 🔥 What is the state of our house?


Which artists fit this project?

my site | in space is ideal for emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines, including (but not limited to) experimental theatre, performance art, live art, dance, sound art, installation and art-activism.

As an emerging artist, you already have a creative practice and have made some work in your field. Participating in this project gives you a space to develop your practice site-specifically and forge new relationships with potential co-creators.

As an established artist, you have already shown your work in established performance spaces and/or galleries. Participating in this project allows you to take risks, develop new ideas and branch out in new directions than the ones you’re already known for.


How will the time be spent during the residency?

my site | in space will take place Monday 27th Feb - Sunday 5th March 2023. The week will look something like this: